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"Harvelle's Nov.29th"




"After touring extensively both the US and Europe through out 2012-2014, and playing to large audiences, I have the the urge to play (like never before) a few intimate, private and personal shows. Creating a 90min atmosphere of pure musical energy, sound and dialog without barriers, between myself and "you", the audience. I am performing (some of my most requested) compositions that launched my solo career ("Be Your Man", "Can You Help Me", I Want My Girl", "Free World", just to name a few!) but also including requested musical staples such as, "Crazay", "Love Struck", "Baby Lets Kiss", "Just Wanting You", "Bare My Naked Soul", "Black In America", with a few musical influential nods thrown in to top it all off. I'm looking forward to partying with you all!"

LovePeace, Jesse Johnson

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